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Friday, August 19, 2016

The First Step Is Always A Leap

The void opens wide
Petrifying me in place
Incapable of moving forward,
Destined to fall

Vast shadows cast by the gorge
Overwhelm my senses,
Wield my mind
I weep, overcome by obscurity

Despair eats away my courage
Hesitation feeds my doubts
Reservation endorses apathy
Ambition demands motion

Reevaluating my obstacle,
Gauging the other side
Take two steps back, realign,
Charge ahead with focused intention

Passion has purpose
Hope proves stronger than fear
Existence demands reason
Spirit vanquishes apprehension

Floating across the ravine
Awaiting discovery
Maybe I will fail
Maybe, I will fly

Darkness lingers, little changes
except my freed perception
Glancing back at the abyss, surprised
Finding only a crevice, dividing paths

The first step is always a leap
Journey eclipses destinations
Crossing the chasm despite fear,
Leads to reverent, eager curiosity

Lost no longer, I wander
Creating, dreaming, seeking
New challenges to explore
While soaring over valleys.

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