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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Grey Skies meet Stormy Waters

I sit on the jagged rock cliff face overlooking the incoming tide swell forward. Though it is midday, grey skies allude to dusk. Bitter winds hug me, leaving goosebumps peppering my arms. I fold into a small ball, attempting to armor myself from the relentless elements matching the fury trapped inside my mind.

The waves crash angrily across the dark waters for miles. I relate to their rage. The storm reaches out to this cove, but has been simmering inside me for weeks. Inferno blazes within my heart causing outbursts of ire at even the most innocent passerby.

While watching the violent crest of waves thunder into unrelenting rock, I sink into the shadows of the sky above, the water below and my thoughts within. I'm unsure how to escape this storm. I despise the resentment, though I remain powerless as its prisoner.

Balancing on my ledge, I perch, helpless and alone. I yearn to plunge forward, to meet the anguish head on, allowing it consume me. But something holds me back.

A gap in the clouds releases a ray of sunlight. It is but a glimmer, not enough to warm or light the skies. Nonetheless, that small glow represents hope. A reminder that the storm will not last and the light will always conquer the darkness with only a spark.

The torment lingers, as does the anger. However, something else accompanies them. Confidence that tomorrow is a new day, full of possibilities. The anticipation of a gleam of happiness radiating forth once again.

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