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Monday, September 26, 2016

While You Wait

We spend so much time waiting.
For the bus to come.
For a meeting to start.
For someone to arrive, or leave.

We wait in line for the bathroom.
For game tickets.
For amusement park rides.
And even to eat.

If you are privileged, or lucky,
You may skip ahead of the line.
Or you may cut in line,
If you are willing to break the rules.

We spend so much time waiting.
For something to happen.
For something to change.
For someone to share the wait with.

We wait for tomorrow, or holiday.
We wait for answers to come.
Some spend their time waiting to die,
While others decide they’ll wait to live.

What do you do while you wait?
Do you fidget? Are you still?
Do you have a happy place to escape to?
Or an angry place that haunts you?

What are you waiting for?
Who are you during those in-between moments?
Have you thought about it?
It’s okay…I’ll wait.

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