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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dear Writing Companion

Dear Writing Companion,

I am a writer, as I'm sure you can tell by the crafted banner at the top of this blog I have spend so much time putting together. However, in case you haven't noticed, there isn't a whole lot published right now. I want to explain the reason I'm writing to you...I need help!

I write all the time, but nothing ever seems good enough to share. And sometimes, everything else in life seems more important than sitting down and editing my ramblings. I spend lots of time writing about life and how I feel about what is going on around me. I have lots of inspiration and ideas, but after writing them down, they tend to get lost in the void. I'm seeking motivation to help me go back and cultivate those ideas so they don't get lost to time.

So here is what I ask of you. I need some accountability in my creative life. I want to be able to come to you when I'm having trouble or can't make sense of anything. I also desire you to hold me accountable to my own commitment of writing and publishing each week.

I have so many ideas, but the doubts are at war with my inspiration. On top of that are endless distractions and additional commitments claiming my time. I'm having a hard time developing my stream of consciousness into words that have meaning. The first step is realizing there is a problem. My biggest problem right now is making writing my priority. It always gets squeezed in between all my other commitments, but if I want to publish a book and establish myself as a writer by blogging, I need to be more focused.

So that is it, that is my request from you writing companion. I hope that you will accept and allow me to update you with things I'm working on, ideas to follow through on and in return, you give me all kinds of hell for not publishing or keeping up with you every week.

My goal for this first week is to really begin to set a routine for myself so that I sit down and have a focused writing block every week day. This week I want to publish one article, whether it be creative, an essay or even a prompt list. I want to start slow and build a foundation of consistent writing and publishing habits.

That starts today. Thank you Writing Companion!

Enthusiastically yours,

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  1. Don't so many of us (creatives) need a little prompting and reminding to stay at it. I need a photo, editing, sorting and printing companion these days. Good idea and hope it works for you.


I love to hear what inspires you. I appreciate feedback to help grow as an artist, I ask only that you stay positive even if being critical. Thank you Writing Companion!

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