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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

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Wow, it has been an epic election year. And I for one, am glad it will all be over after today.

I've been feeling this weight lately, that I can't quite describe. Then I read the headline of the Seattle Times yesterday, "High Anxiety: This election is one long, drawn-out 'stress trigger that's been gnawing at us' as a nation, say specialists in mental health and trauma."

Well, that explains a lot. I cannot enjoy a coffee outside my house, watch Monday Night Football, or read a headline without something about the election being involved. It is always like this leading up to election day, but this year feels dark somehow, as the Seattle Times put, a time of high anxiety.

Today is the day. Thanks to Washington State mail-in ballots, I voted several days ago and have already sent my vote out there. Nonetheless, today many will go to the polls today to cast a vote.

Please go vote!

If you, like me, have an alternative way to vote early, rock on! However, if you have not voted yet, please do. It may seem insignificant, but when we decide our vote doesn't matter, we have no hope to change the world we live in. We, as a people, have to step up and be a part of something that can make the world better. Casting a presidential vote is not where it ends, but it is a place to start.

I hope that as the holidays draw near and the president elect is decided, the weight that has settled over the country and myself will begin to dissipate. The sun is shinning today here in Seattle, WA and it is a beautiful day.

Now go, enjoy the sunshine and vote!

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