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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Taking Action, It's Time to Write!

Dear Writing Companion,

I've been working on what kind of online presence I want to have and how I need to go about creating it. Part of doing that is considering the process in which  I journal and write daily.

I think I've finally come to some conclusions. And, of course, writing them all out helps me focus. So, here goes.

First off, I need to get everything digital, including the process of daily journal writing. I love having a notebook with me and I love the feel of writing on paper, but I need my thoughts in the computer to polish them for publishing.

I need to start setting aside time every night (or at least several times a week) to make sure the thoughts that do go in my notebook get into the computer within a couple days. I want to start blogging and getting my thoughts out into the world and that isn't going to happen if I don't get back around the thought for two months, too much changes in that time.

Action item #1: Get all thoughts digital, within a few days of having them.

The second idea is to make it a priority to actually sit down and spend time posting and on social media. It's one of those things I like to avoid because of all the distractions that come with social media. Nonetheless I need to get into the habit of actually finishing a blog post and posting ideas instead of just thinking about them.

Action item #2: Follow through and publish items

My third idea is to keep all of my thoughts really organized. I have several different places ideas are held, each one with a purpose. I need to make sure the purpose is understood and then actually place items there as I enter them digitally.

I have a lot of ideas coming in, some fully developed and some half baked, so I need to make sure that what I have is where it is supposed to be. You never know what little thought can inspire a bigger project so I need to have all of those thoughts in one place.

Action item #3: Put ideas where they suppose to go to be able to reference them

The fourth thing (can you tell I've been thinking about this a lot) is to do things that create inspiration. It's winter, and I have a hard time because part of me just shuts down. I would describe myself as a Mama Bear and I would rather hibernate through the winter. Since that isn't a viable option, I need to actively find things to do that inspire me, read a book, see friends, go to a coffee shop...something, get out and do and then write.

Action item #4: Seek out inspiration

A fifth thought is to manage my time better. I need to set aside blocks for various projects and really focus on them and get them completed. Or, if I don't finish a goal, immediately schedule another time to work on the project. This is really important because life is busy and I have a lot of projects going on that need attention. I need to use my time wisely and accomplish the goals I set for myself.

Action item #5: Set aside blocks of time that have an a goal I can accomplish in that amount of time.

The sixth and final thought is to stop worrying about it all so much. I'm in a little bit of a funk right now since I got braces and it turned cold outside. It's okay and it's going to happen periodically. And most importantly, it's not a big deal. I need to take this time to work on small projects and make a plan for the new year. Be in the moment, write about what is going on now and don't worry so much about how it all fits together, just do it.

Action item #6: Stop worrying, be in the moment and go with the flow.

Well, it's a start at least. Honestly, it will probably change, I'll have to tweak ideas or add some. But the most important thing is getting my head in the right perspective to cultivate my ideas, to write and to publish my work.


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  1. Those items are eerily familiar to me. I have been telling myself to do those things for a while now, with varied success. Getting started on any one of those is my big hurdle. My 'auto-start' or 'automatic pilot' that most people use to get going on things doesn't always function that well. Once I get started, I can find the groove easily. It's just getting started. Grrrr. Good luck.


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