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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

To Cut My Hair or Let It Grow...

At the end of last spring, I cut my hair really short. I gave myself several reasons for doing this, to my mind, extravagant act. However, it all came down to one reason...I needed a change.

Last year around this time, I chose the word "Confidence" as my mantra for the year. And it worked. I now have confidence in myself, which is not something I would have felt truthful saying before. Cutting my hair was important for me to break through this block in my mind. I needed a physical change to exemplify the change I felt inward.

For next year, I'm leaning toward the word, "willpower." I have and am still gaining confidence. Now I need some self-control, determination, and poise to create action while I hope to take a huge stride toward one of my goals for this year, to publish a book.

So all of that is to say, I'm debating whether I should let my hair grow back or keep cutting it. I have about a month to decide, but for whatever reason, it seems like a big decision. I have confidence now, so I don't really care what my hair looks like. I do like my short hair and I think it looks great. I especially like how light it is.

However, I miss a few things about long hair too. I miss brushing it. There is something comforting about brushing through long hair, a little moment of peace. I also miss being able to change the style. I have two styles with short hair, with a headband or combed forward. I suppose there are other things I could do with it, but it doesn't make me feel any different.

With long hair I can wear it up or down, in a bun or with a headband. The way I wear my hair affects my current mood: being active, productive or relaxed. Short hair is static, but at the same time, so easy.

I don't know what I want to do. I have no conclusion. I probably won't know until it's time to cut my hair again in another month or so. Beware there may by a sequel to the "To Cut or Not to Cut" question.

This has been a shower thought, brought to you by Amanda. Have a good day!

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