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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happiness Comes From WIthin

If you are like me, you often look to external things to make you feel happy and loved. I seek out people, food, or even a serene place to have a moment of contentment.

The crux is, people are busy with their own lives, food (even healthy food) is no longer nourishing in large amounts, and those places are sometimes more peaceful in my head than in reality.

We naturally spend a lot of energy seeking love and acceptance from others. However, I want to point out, you have that love and joy with you all the time. You can receive it from yourself.

True happiness is in each of us, we only have to know how to find it. Stop wishing for things to be different and begin accepting and appreciating the reality of what is. If you seek improvement, make a plan and then give yourself time to reach that goal.

Be present in this moment and find contentment in whatever you are doing, wherever you are at and whomever you are with. Don't wait until later because "later" is a wish that never truly comes to pass.

Choose to be happy, here and now. Then, as you move forward, your happiness comes with you.

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