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Monday, February 27, 2017

More and More You

“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.” ~David Lynch

Meditation is a big word that sounds intimidating. It reminds me of monks sitting cross legged with their hands in prayer saying “OM.” And though, you can meditate in that way, the act of meditation is so much more than that.

Meditation is simply a continued or extended thought, reflection or contemplation. For me, meditation brings a stillness to my mind that allows me to focus on what my priorities are and let go of all the other clutter bouncing around in my mind.

The act of meditation is simple, but the practice is much harder. By this I mean that it takes a conscious dedication to turn a simple act into a habit that can have a lasting affect on your life and attitude.

Moments of anxiety, frustration, and rush are almost expected within our busy days. What if peace, calm and intentional living are expected instead. This does not mean there will not be hard and busy days, but it is a way to make those days manageable and even enjoyable.

Meditation does not turn you into someone else, it simply allows you to accept who you truly are and be able to move more smoothly through the obstacles life throws at you.

Start with just a moment to tune out all the numerous distractions and focus on your top priority in that moment or maybe for the day. By being able to remove the clutter from your mind you will be able to think clearer, move freer and be the best you possibly imaginable.

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