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Monday, February 20, 2017

Positive Practice: Day One

Welcome to my Positive Practice!

I've had this tradition for a while now, but it has recently occurred to me to move my practice into a public forum.

My "Positive Practice" is to intentionally try to find something to inspire me in a positive way each day. I look for encouraging quotes, uplifting ideas, joyful impressions, or sometimes, just something interesting to think about. Positivity comes in many forms. The purpose of my practice is to illuminate a path to navigate the darkness.

There is so much hate, stress and negativity in our world that you can easily become overwhelmed by it. I don't want to get caught in the landslide of perpetual destructive thoughts and miss out on the opportunity for everyday joy. Peace, contentment, creativity and love can burn brighter and rise above the anger of the world. Those reassuring characteristics are what I want to seek out and cultivate in my life.

This is a daily practice for me. It is something I have to really work at. Sometimes finding the good in a day or a situation can be hard. Like really hard. But it is also where I find joy. Everyday.

Practice is the repetition in exercise or the application of belief. I consider my "Positive Practice" both a repetition (finding joyful thoughts in the everyday grind) and an application (believing that by surrounding myself with inspirational ideas and uplifting interpretations, I can achieve a sense of peace in a vicious world).

Thus, I encourage you to join me on a journey to discover and spread joy in a world determined to find nothing but discontentment. Let's cultivate a daily Positive Practice.

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  1. Bring it on! This sounds like something I really need.


I love to hear what inspires you. I appreciate feedback to help grow as an artist, I ask only that you stay positive even if being critical. Thank you Writing Companion!

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