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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why I Write

I have been writing ever since I was young. I don't know when I started, it has always been a constant in my life. When life gets rough, I reach for a pen and scribble my grievances. When joy overwhelms me, the ink flows freely still.

I know I have always tried to figure out how people work. I was not exactly a loner, but I enjoyed observing others. I always looked for a connection. And most of the time, I found one.

I don't write to make money. I don't write to gain fame. I write because I enjoy a good story.

Life is hard. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, living brings daily challenges. Life is a series of bad days and good experiences. But this is the one thing that we all have in common. The trouble is that we forget that we are not the only ones with troubles.

I believe storytelling is a way to bridge that gap. Through the power of words we can connect. '

"The names and faces change, but the story stays the same." This is a mantra I have heard my entire life. The longer I live, the more I believe it. I am in my thirties now and I still remember thinking that was the ancient years. To my daughter I am. And yet, I still feel young, and more inspired now than ever before. Experience, both good and bad, has allowed me to make connections with the world, the people within it and the systems that govern it.

I write because it is a part of me. I write because a good story transcends segregation. I write because I am thrilled by the idea of always connecting, evolving and learning just a little more than I knew before, especially about myself.

People always say to follow your passions. However, how do you know what that is? I suppose writing is a passion, but to me it feels like more of a lifeline. Without putting words on paper, I am lost. It is how I make sense of my surroundings. It is how I understand emotions. And it is how I relate to others.

What do you do? Writing is only one form of creative expression. Any way that you connect with the world and with yourself. Creativity is a very powerful skill, no matter what style you use. It can save you from a wild spiral into self-destruction.

The crux is, it can sent you there too. Look at all the writers and artists who have suffered over the centuries. The creative process is powerful, and yet necessary, for ourselves and the world beyond us. What then are we suppose to do with this double-edged sword?

Wield it. What else are we suppose to do?

The creative process can be summed up in one word., adventure. I don't know what that means for you, but for me it means hiking up to the peaks of innovation only to slide down the avalanche of self-doubt to discover a trail once again that you didn't even know existed.

Creativity is a wondrous world. One which I hope every soul can experience. Whatever your creative endeavors, believe in yourself and they will see you through.

Why do I write? It's simple. Because to not to would be absolute absurdity.

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