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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Child & Doll's Nightgown

My daughter, now seven, has grown up with her Granny, my mom, sewing her dresses and pajamas her entire life. I'm sure at this point she just thinks it's normal to wear handmade clothes and accessories. I love that for her. I grew up with the same mentality; however, until recently I had no interested in doing the creating myself.

This year, my creative energy has reached a new high and I have branched out from my go-to form of creation (writing and scrapbooking) into many different styles including sewing, knitting and cross stitch.

My introduction into sewing came in the form of Zoey's encouragement to make her a nightgown with a matching doll gown.

Challenge accepted!

Except I had no idea what I was doing. I fought with my sewing machine, I called my mom and I got really handy with a seam ripper.

Zoey chose a simplicity pattern, number 1129. I'm not sure if it is a beginner level pattern or more intermediate, but I managed to sort through it. She also picked out this cute Tusm Tusm fabric with a light pink trim.

I started by cutting out the pattern and sorting through the pieces. Then I cut the fabric for the entire project: Child's nightgown, baby doll night gown and the eye mask. I continued to cut out the rest of the pattern and sort it by project and store each set in plastic sandwich bags within the pattern envelope so I can keep everything tidy and organized.

I then sat down to start working on the baby doll gown first. I figured since it was smaller, I could figure out the pieces and correct mistakes a little easier. I believe this was a good idea because it took me about two weeks to complete the doll gown. I finally did though, just following the directions, asking questions and looking up a few tutorials online.

I was so excited when I finished the doll's dress. It made me feel like I could actually do this.

In the end, I did it and I think it came out pretty nice.

Ultimately, I had to get to know my sewing machine. Once I understood how to thread the bobbin (I have a very touchy vertical bobbin that I had to look up how to wind at least five times in the process of making this outfit), I was well on my way.

I read the directions on the pattern several times over and had to call my mom for verification on a couple of things. I altered a couple things as well, like not putting a bow on the front, it seemed more trouble than it was worth.

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