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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Change, A Word That Matters

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash, Edits by Amanda McCusker on Positive Practice Living

I’ve contemplated and reflected on this past year quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. This process was mostly so I could figure out where I am going from here. Eventually, I came to a conclusion. However, it is also a chance to look back and consider where I’ve been.

I came across this “Words That Matter” movement on Medium with the hashtag #WordsThatMatter2017. The idea is to summarize 2017 in a single word. They promote forty different influential views from politics, culture, tech, and business to explore this concept. Most of the articles I read through commented on the turbulence of the previous year emphasizing political matters.

I don’t appreciate the unsettled climate we have been thrust into over the course of this past year, but my mind went a little more philosophical and personal on this topic of “Words That Matter.”

Change is the word that comes to my mind when I think of the last year.

A lot happens over the course of the year. By the time we finally get to sing the Fa La La’s of December, it is hard to remember where we started in January.

My life looks a lot different this year than last. My family and I moved to a new neighborhood early in the year of 2017. This meant a different school for my daughter, meeting new friends, a detoured  route to work for my husband and a fresh routine for every aspect of our daily lives.

More than just our location, I’ve also changed greatly personally too. I am overall more intentional. I believe that is a good way to sum it up. I work harder and I’m not as afraid to try new experiences. I enjoy cooking now, a skill I never really cared to harness before. I am taking my writing to a new level. Additionally, I am overwhelmingly more calm by managing my stress and the clutter that once surrounded me.

In fact, I've tossed out many things and ideas that weren't serving me over the course of this past year. It has been a powerfully cleansing sensation. I've gotten rid of clothes and accessories that didn't fit right or that I did not truly enjoy. I also worked through some mindsets that were holding me back.

So many things have changed. Lots of them for the better.

I understand that our political environment is arduous right now. It affects us all in great and subtle ways. However, this too will change. It would be great if it changed sooner rather than later, but it surely will change. In fact, the one thing that will always be constant is change.

That right there has helped me so much. I once got so caught up trying to hold on to everything. Somewhere along the way I realized, I can’t hold onto ideas and even possessions because then I can’t change or grow to become something greater.

Now I have a peace with change. This last year has been full of it. And though it was not always easy, I am thankful for where the changes have brought me. I can now live in a state of calm and productivity, and that is definitely a good thing.


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