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Thursday, January 4, 2018

An Example of Kindness and a Good Attitude

Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash

My eight year old daughter, Zoey, had an interesting dilemma on the playground the other day.

There was a little girl at least two years her junior that wanted to play with her and followed her around all day. Zoey asked me what to do about the little girl because she really wanted some time to herself. I completely understood.

However, her options were few. One, she could be mean and tell the girl off. But Zoey didn’t want to be unkind, this girl was nice, she just wanted her space. Two, she could politely ask for her own space, but would also have to accept the probability that the girl would not relent. The third and final option would be to leave. She would have her privacy, but would have to change her setting as well.

Zoey wasn’t sure what to do at first. She chose option two. She politely asked the girl to give her space. However, the girl continued to follow her wanting to play. Zoey came back to me and admitted her defeat. She wanted a way out of the situation, but all I could offer her is the realization that she had to make a choice.

My question to her was “Are you ready to leave?”

She replied after a moment’s thought, “No, I’m not ready yet.”

“Okay” I answered. “You have some time.”

Zoey walked away in contemplation. After a few minutes passed, I saw her across the playground talking with this girl and then running away laughing as they played. At one point, I even noticed she let the girl have a turn with her brand new toy. Not only did she step up and play with the girl even though she just wanted to be alone, she also shared her most precious item in that moment to someone who wanted to spend time with her, even if it were just for this moment.

As I watched my daughter’s response to this situation, my heart swelled with pride. She doesn’t realize it, but I gave her a good extra ten minutes at the playground than I would have otherwise. She was playing well and making good choices. I wanted her to enjoy the fruits of her efforts, even if for just this unknowing moment.

This situation really highlighted to me how the choices we make affect our day and our lives. When we invite positivity into our lives, we reap the benefits of receiving those same good vibes in return. There are so many times we take such small matters too personally.

Kindness is always the best option because we never know what someone else, even those close to us, are going through in any particular moment.

My daughter showed me the power of kindness and a good attitude. I am excited by her understanding and implementation of compassion. I believe it is important to point out these rewarding moments to continue to grow as a person and realize the benefits of compassion, even when we don't want to be. Because it is always worth it to show kindness, always.

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