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Thursday, February 1, 2018

What’s In A Name?

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

I believe there is power in a name. I spend a lot of time during my creative process researching names, their meanings and origins to build the characters in my stories. As I began this new blog, I spent just as much time in contemplation about what name it. I came up with “Positive Practice Living” in a very round about way.

It all started with the word “positive.” To me, “positive” actively explained the result I was trying to obtain from surrounding myself with inspirational quotes and artwork. I like that happy feeling that stimulates me and makes me want to act. “Positive” is a word I associate with a mixed media of good vibes that give me the motivation and courage to do whatever needs done.

Next, I wanted to figure out how to describe seeking “positive” routinely without using the word “daily.” To be honest, “daily” is daunting and at times impossible. Still, I craved to convey consistency. Practice is a steady habit, meaning to give it as much time and effort you possibly can. The idea is to make exploring “positive” a practiced behavior with which you regularly immerse yourself.

At this point in pursuing a blog name, I was set. However, I needed a unique Website name and apparently “Positive Practice” was taken. So, I needed another word.

I tried to add all kinds of things. In the end, I settled on “Living” because changing my lifestyle to seek solace is what “Positive Practice” is all about.

Our daily lives are full of triumphs and celebrations as well as struggles and anxieties. However, there is this big stretch in the middle of all that, which is often just plain boring. However, it’s during those in-between moments that our character is decided. What we surround ourselves with is what we will manifest. By embracing a positive practice lifestyle, you will be able to respond to what is happening around you instead of react. It is a subtle change that makes a world of difference.

I believe there is power in a name. For me, “practice” is the most important word. Seeking the positive through practice changes your life. Thus I created “Positive Practice Living” with the message to surround yourself with inspiration, joy and encouragement. I hope to be a vessel for those ideas as I let them flow through me to share with you. 

Think of at least one thing to be grateful for today. You are already increasing the positive in your life. Positive Practice Living means to intentionally focusing on the small moments. What are ways that you practice positive living?


  1. WoW! This is pretty powerful and made me do some heavy thinking. I'm battling some heavy things in my life right now and it has affected my attitude. I need to concentrate more on the positive things. Thank you!


I love to hear what inspires you. I appreciate feedback to help grow as an artist, I ask only that you stay positive even if being critical. Thank you Writing Companion!

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