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Friday, May 11, 2018

Camping at Joemma State Park, WA

A few weekends ago, my husband and I joined some friends for a camping trip to Joemma State Park located in Washington State. The park sits on the southern end of the Puget Sound along a series of islands on the Western side of the state.

It was a beautiful weekend for the Pacific Northwest, our first really warm spring days. It was chilly, but not cold. It was nice walking along the beach and sitting in the sunshine during the day.

I really enjoyed this campground because it was really well maintained and had several sites with good views of the sound. We chose a site up on the bluff overlooking the sound and the beach. It had an amazing view.

The wind picked up on the first night, but we had situated our tent so it was blocked by a group of trees from the worst of it. It rained a little through the night, but thankfully only while we were sleeping. Our days were nice, especially huddled around a campfire.

A pier set out into the Puget Sound. I really enjoyed walking along it to the end where I could hear the wind and the water above anything else. It was such a peaceful place.

We also walked along the beach and found all kinds of shells and sand dollars. We even found some oysters, though I didn't try to eat them or anything. It was nice just to be in the moment and enjoy nature.

That's really all we did all weekend - enjoy nature. It was such an amazing opportunity to take a deep breath and find some new perspective.

I highly recommend Joemma State Park, we had a lovely stay. I look forward to going back again some time soon.

I am happy to announce that camping season has officially opened for us. We just got back and I already can't wait to go out again.

All photos by Amanda McCusker


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