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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Gaining a Little Perspective From Nature

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time?

I've been feeling like that a lot lately. I'm running from one thing to the next without really breathing in between. I was really beginning to feel overwhelmed. 

Thankfully, the timing worked out well and we were able to go camping a couple weekends ago. There is nothing like spending time in nature to reset my perspective.

Then, it took me a couple weeks to even process the pictures and experience. It was nice to take a few minutes and remember the quiet, slow pace of camping. These last couple weeks have been crazy with moving and spring activities.

Now that I stopped, at least for a moment, I can share a little bit that I learned on this trip. 

I was so thankful for this opportunity to go camping with friends. It was amazing to slow down and take a deep breath. During the trip, I realized several things. The most important being...

I have time.

I have time to think. Time to process. Time to respond. Time to breath.

I need to create time in between all the chaos. 

This is an intentional decision. I have to place it there, it will not happen for itself.

We are pulled in so many directions, how do you find a balance between adult responsibilities, children's needs, work, hobbies and self-care. Add moving, being allergic to my braces, getting a flat tire, and a sick kid into the mix and I'm going a little nuts.

But I have time.

Just Breathe.

One thing at a time. 

My other bad habit is to feel like it all has to be done at once. I can't concentrate on one thing because I'm already trying to figure out the next one, or still focused on the last one. It does not work, no matter how stressed and anxious I get.

Camping really helped me slow down, even for just those couple of days. It helped me remember to breathe. It was nice not to have to worry about anything but what to eat and whether to put a log on the fire. It was refreshing to be able to stare into a fire just for the joy of it. Or to walk along the beach and really appreciate the shells and the sand. 

I love camping. Over the course of the weekend I felt like I gained my sanity back. I am so thankful for the opportunity to just be. 

Now that I'm back in reality and facing the stress of moving and daily routine again, I remember to breath. I know I have time. I believe that everything will happen in its own time. There is no reason to stress or second guess myself, I just need to take it all as it comes.

By taking some time for myself to pause and gain perspective, I have been more capable of handling any that comes up during this transition of our lives. It has made all the difference. 

What do you do when you are overwhelmed to find perspective again? Camping and writing tend to be my go-tos, but there are so many different ways to find that inner calm. I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

All photos by Amanda McCusker

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  1. I'm with ya, girl! Lately I feel like I run from one thing to the next and never take a minute to step back and enjoy what is going on around me. Definitely need to work on that!

  2. Good luck! I am always better when I take those "mindful moments" to slow down and remember why I'm running around in the first place! Camping is really a reminder to do that more.

    Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week :)

  3. I have a little guy and he reminds me that nothing is more important than family. It's of course easier said than done but when he says Mama I want to snuggle. Of course I would rather do that. Or last night, his leg was hurting and he started to get really uncomfortable. I had a million of things to do at least in my head I did. But I left that all there to be present with my little one. Today is a new day and looking back I don't regret not being able to do that million things because this morning my little guy says Mama I love you. So he is helping me realize what really matters.

    Maureen | www.littlemisscasual.com

    1. That is beautiful! It is sometimes hard to let go of all the things that need to be done to be there for our children. But they are not going to be small long, so I try to enjoy those little moments together. It creates such beautiful memories.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Have a great week :)

  4. It's so great to get out in nature. You are right - it puts a different perspective on life - in a good way! I want to go hiking. Maybe now that's it's stopped raining a bit, I can. I'm not afraid of getting muddy. More afraid of getting hit by lightning, and having an asthma attack (which my asthma acts up when it storms). I so wish I lived by water. I miss that. Nebraska is only by rivers.

    1. I hope you can go hiking soon! Are there trails by the rivers? It has been a harsh spring so far, hopefully the weather is finally turning around to be able to enjoy the outdoors more.

  5. Yes, we need time to breathe and take in the beauty of nature around us! Your pictures are great!


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