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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018

Today is Halloween. This isn't a holiday that I get too excited about. I don't like horror movies and navigating the logistics of trick-or-treating spikes my anxiety every year.

What I do love about this time of year focuses more on the change of energy and seasons. Halloween was traditionally known as Samhain by Celtic traditions and Pagans. I identify much more with this name, which means "summer's end."

October 31 leading into November 1 marks the halfway point in the autumn season. This is known as a cross-quarter day, the midway mark between the autumn equinox and winter solstice. This is a day of balance, also of transition from the warm days of summer and the end of the harvest season to the cooler, shorter days of the winter season.

According to the Pagan "Wheel of the Year," Samhain marks the beginning of the spiritual year. Though it is a day that celebrates death, it also gives us a fresh opportunity to start over. This is an important time to contemplate what you need to let go of to make yourself better.

For me, that is to get rid of my insecurities. I don't know what has led to this continued bout of self-doubt, but I'm about tired of feeling so tentative and lethargic. I'm ready to cultivate some energy and courage.

Nature has an essential cycle of growth and death. We must not be afraid to grow, but also not afraid to let go of those things, especially habits, that no longer serve us so that we may enter into a new beginning. It is within our power to manifest our desires. It takes dedication, daily intention, and perseverance. It is not easy, but it is worth it to find your Highest Self.

Blessed be to you on this day full of magic and chance for new beginnings.

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