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Friday, October 26, 2018

November Goals 2018

I am realizing that one of the hardest things when you create you own schedule is setting goals. It is so easy to get distracted by whatever life is throwing at me and forget what I'm trying to accomplish. I am a writer with the intention of publishing a novel. I am also a homeschool mom, trying to keep track of our progress and where we need to be going next. I also publish to two blogs and instagram regularly, at least that is the intention. Then there are also my own personal goals that keep me balanced and in good working order to do take steps towards accomplishing all of these other goals.

The act of setting goals begins with intention. I have to sit down every so often and set that intention so that I am aware of how I am spending my time and energy. I can't achieve much if I don't have a direction to head, so that is what this post is all about. I am declaring right now what my intentions are for the upcoming month of November.

Overall Goal

Stay focused on writing, and keep motivated. To do that I need to stay organized and process through information quickly. I do not expect myself to be as active in these months, but I must stay connected and retain self-control.

Personal Goals

I've been feeling really unmotivated and fatigued this month. It's like I've been going and going and now I'm just worn out. Yet, I still have to keep moving because we are still busy. Some days I feel like I can't keep up. So I need to focus on the process. I need to put my head down and write. I need to relax into homeschool a little more, it's going great. I need to plan out my writing and shift my focus onto Nanawrimo. I need to make sure I take time to do yoga, go outside and socialize. Taking intentional time to rest is also imperative. It's so easy to stay home out of the cold, but it's important to get out and breathe in fresh air. I need to take time to meditate and process the chaos in my head. Just get it out, in whatever form necessary so they are in my archives and not my head. I need to eat healthy and focus on self control. I need to stay organized and keep moving forward.   

Writing Goals

The end of October is focusing on balancing writing into my daily schedule in preparation for Nanwrimo. My main writing focus is on this project, a series of flash fiction stories that can be viewed in a larger collection. I'm excited about this project and have already started planning out characters and situations. This will be fun, I need to focus on the process so that it stays fun throughout the entire month. #nanowrimo2018

Blogging Goals

I need to blog for me. This is not a job, not right now. I don't have the time to put the necessary effort in this to see any monetary gain. That's okay though because making money is not my intention for blogging. I enjoy writing and processing ideas. It is nice to have a place to share those ideas. I'm not very consistent on social media, which is a personal choice, but this gives me an outlet that I can share with family and friends and whoever else happens to stumble along. It is also a record for myself. I enjoy the archive of what I think about and process.

Homeschool Goals 

I believe I need to relax a little in this area. I'm getting a little overwhelmed trying to track so many things. I want to be flexible in what we learn, but also have enough structure to keep us moving forward in our lessons. It is a difficult balance to keep. Now that we have been homeschooling for over a month, I'm beginning to see some patterns. I need to keep momentum going in a positive direction and stop stressing that it isn't going in the direction the lesson started. I'm beginning to find that it is more interesting and educational to explore those tangents and find deeper ideas to develop.

I've Realized...

Setting goals is not an easy thing, and keeping them is even harder. I've done this sporadically, but now I need to do it with consistency. That is a step for the end of November, for now, all I can worry about is this present moment. I am setting my intention today for the next month. That is a good place to start.

Title Photo thanks to Erik Mclean

Have an inspired day!

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  1. It sounds you’re going to have a busy month. I hope you can fulfill all your goals, and keep us posted.
    Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party, and have a wonderful weekend.


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