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Monday, December 31, 2018

The Sound of Bliss in CenturyLink Field

Cardinals vs Seahawks @ CenturyLink Field
Photo thanks to Amanda McCusker

We had the amazing opportunity to go to a Seattle Seahawks game in CenturyLink Field. It's the last week of the NFL regular season against the Arizona Cardinals. It was an incredible game, which the Seahawks won!

What struck me most about the experience was the sound. The stadium is built to amplify sound and the Seattle crowd knows how to harness the power and direct it into the game. During defensive plays, the stadium is deafening. During offensive plays, you can almost hear what Wilson is calling on the field it is so quiet.

Opposing teams average 2.36 false starts per game at CenturyLink Field. You can tell how the crowd affects the plays, it is a remarkable tactic. It makes sense why the Seahawks retired the number 12 to dedicate it to the fans who play the 12th man.

In the middle of all that focused energy, I closed my eyes. I could hear a pulse, a vibration, to the sound that made me feel elated, light as air and vibrating a little myself.

This euphoria is not an unknown feeling. Have you ever been to a concert or performance and the sounds and energy seem to go beyond that space and come from everywhere? I remember a few praise and worship moments, in church or with a group, where you could feel the divine reach out and caress your soul.

In yoga, we call that sound of bliss "OM." It is a sound and symbol rich in meaning and depth that is described as the sacred, universal sound of the universe. It is the moment when all tones, voices and energy align causing the sound to vibrate to a point of bliss.

The crowd in the stadium hit this sound and then projected it towards the plays happening on the field. It was an incredible feeling to be connected to so many people at one time. It was an experience I will cherish and lean on when I am feeling isolated in my own mind.

I even have it on video to remember it by:

Have you ever had this feeling of bliss, or euphoria? Where were you and how did it make you feel?


  1. I have many times. Even though I am a 49er fan, I think Century Link is a beautiful stadium. I remember going to games at the old Kingdome when I lived up there. Happy New Year to you.

    1. That sounds wonderful! Honestly, CenturyLink is the only experience I've had in an nfl stadium, so I have nothing to compare it too. I imagine the experience is unique in each and powerful with that many people coming together. Thanks for sharing! Happy new year to you too!


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