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Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Good Day for Getting Things Done

Photo by zan douglas on Unsplash

The other day I didn't feel productive, but then yesterday I had an amazingly productive day. I worked on my novel for about four solid hours and then later I spend another 2 hours getting our homeschool week ready to come back from winter break.

It feels good to get these massive things accomplished. I still had time to play a game with the family, cook dinner and just spend some time relaxing and watching Netflix specials. I am very thankful for days like this one.

I was sitting on the couch this evening after watching a Netflix special: The World's Most Extraordinary Homes. (It was well done, beautifully captured and inspiring. I recommend it.) I looked at my husband and realized, I feel happy today. I think we need to appreciate those moments, however simple or fleeting they may be.

You are never going to do everything you set out to do. If you are like me, as soon as you do one thing you are gearing up for three more in its wake. Those never-ending to-do lists and gasps of breath are life. Those moments of stillness and peace are life. Personal growth requires a constant balance of doing and resting. It's all your life, enjoy every moment.

Be an active participant in your life. The other day I was very active and out of the house. Yesterday I was very intellectual and stayed in to work. It all happens in its own time. When we can find our own rhythm and learn how to ride the waves of energy, we can be at peace with the constant waxes and wanes of our own life.

Do you notice days that are really busy and productive and others that concentrate on rest and creativity? I hope you have plenty of both. Self-care is just as important as your job. Your life is what you make it, make it a good one, okay.

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