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Friday, January 4, 2019

Hidden Productivity and Clean Teeth

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

It felt like the day got away from me a little bit today. I got toward the end and wondered if I had even done anything all day, it doesn't seem like I marked anything off of my list.

As I started thinking through my day, I realized I had actually done quite a bit. I went to yoga, had a wonderful conversation with my mother and went to the dentist. Actually, I was very productive today, though not in the ways that lessen my to-do list. However, that doesn't make the day any less important or meaningful. Self-care is very important, today was a maintenance day.

The dentist was actually quite lovely. I've never liked the dentist, until I found this one. I just got my braces off at the end of autumn last year and this was my first cleaning since. I had a great report of gum health and my teeth are settling just fine after being in braces for two years. It made me very happy to hear all my struggle and emphasis on cleaning are paying off. It also felt very good to have clean, and seemingly whiter teeth. It's also nice to know I'm not afraid of the dentist anymore.

After all that, I still got my desk cleared off and all of my digitizing projects sorted. I'm not going to finish digitizing my archives before school starts next week, so I needed to set them neatly aside so I can work on them as I get a chance. I still have some homeschool prep work to do before school starts, so I need to focus on that for the next couple of days.

This winter break has been amazing, and it's still not over. Nonetheless, it is time to start ramping back up to reality. I am reluctant to get back to our expeditious routine, but I am also looking forward to it. Zoey and I set down today and went over routine flow and expectations. It was a great conversation that I believe got her excited about school again; it worked for me.

There are always tons of things to do. There are always real life moments and distractions that side track us. I am working on balancing these two. I want to do a lot, so I have to set myself up for success by making an efficient way to track and manage my tasks and calendar. I am getting there and it's very exciting to feel my stress level go down and my over all life engagement go up.

How is this new year treating you? We're half a week in and I'm still excited about the potential this new year has to offer. I hope you are feeling positive too!

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