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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Moon Manifestations

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

As the new moon has cycled by the last few days, I have been trying to harness its energy. When the new moon is in the sky is a powerful time to call new dreams, hopes and desires in your life. It is still the beginning of a new year and I don't know about you, but I can use all of the natural, beneficial energy I can get.

I am trying to completely change the way I see the world and striving to be productive on a new level this year. Writing is my personal focus with my goal to complete the final revisions my novel and actively share my art with the world.

Though it is never easy to change, it seems like a simple enough shift. However, that is not including the family that I strive to give my undivided attention so I am fully present for those little moments, or the house that I have also had a renewed commitment to keep up and proactively maintain, or the time it takes for me to prep and manage our homeschool work, or the time set aside for self-care and sleep. It's a lot and I'm trying so very hard to not get overwhelmed so close to the beginning of the year and my promise to myself.

All I can do is my best - that is all we can ask of anyone really, including ourselves. Part of that for me is to try and stay healthy during these cold, wet January months. Living in the Pacific Northwest during winter has given me a whole new perspective on the color gray. There are many shades of it and sometimes it feels like there is a blanket in the sky, though not one that keeps you warm.

To combat all of these elements and expectations on myself, I am calling to the new moon for strength, focus, vitality and perseverance.

I looked up the other night and saw the new moon, just a sliver in the darkness. It seems hard to fathom how something we can't really see can be so powerful. Like many things in life, the power lies in the unseen. Those daily habits we try so hard to build has the same unseen power. Though we can't always see the immediate impact of journaling, cleaning or positive thinking, it makes everything else flow more smoothly, allowing your entire life to change.

What are you calling into your life today?

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