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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Don't Take Yourself So Seriously

I've been dealing with some heavy emotions this month. I've been giving myself a lot of time for self-care. Now I'm beginning to move forward again. As as stumbled, I realized that I am being way to serious. There is no reason to be so hard on myself.

Emotional health is important, but so is having fun. My mantra is work hard and feel good. I haven't been doing so great with either.

Finally I got tired of my work becoming a chore. I was so over being stressed everytime I tried to write. This wasn't normal! At least not my normal.

I've been paying so close attention to my emotions that I forgot how to relax. I got to serious. What I needed was to let go of the somber and remember to laugh. Let go of the weight and remember why I love what I do.

I write because it is my way to share emotions and find connection. Whether it's a novel, a website article or a social media post, I love word crafting and trying to make sense of our crazy world. It is both what drives me and what calms me down to see a different perspective.

That is too important to me to lose. It is my own attitude that needs to change, so I am putting that into action. Don't take yourself so seriously. Relax and you will see the way become clear.

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