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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Welcome 2020! - Difference A Decade Makes

It'a a brand new day and a brand new year!

In many ways, this Wednesday is just like any other. It comes after Tuesday and before Thursday, but there is one change. A new number has ticked over in the date. Now we turn the page and have to buy a new calendar.

I chose to be a Badass this year

Nothing feels different about the new day, yet somehow everything changes. This is because of the internal shift in focus that you decide.

This time of year is all about reflection and setting intentions. You learn from your past and decide what direction you want to grow. There is only so much energy you can give. It is up to you to choose the path you want to explore.

For this year my path is to grow my network, create a workflow that is sustainable and assert myself with confidence. I want to feel balanced and powerful. Every year I decide on a word to focus on.

Last year my word was voice. I wanted to find my voice and begin figuring out what I wanted to say. I believe I did that. I accomplished two big feats in 2019. I created my company - Balancing Tree Press - and published my first book - "Leap of Faith." I'd say that is having a voice.

This year I want to focus on balance and power. I want to create an equal distribution of my time, energy and resources. I want to maintain an emotional stability. I want my opinions, wants and needs to be heard. I want to feel capable of doing the next thing. This means being intentional and leaning in.

It is amazing the difference a decade makes. In 2010 I was large and not so in charge. I was a new mama, overweight and felt overwhelmed by the littlest of things. It took a lot of looking inward and making changes to create a whole new me - one that is healthy and confident.

Me and my baby girl in December 2009

In 2014 my family moved from Charleston, South Carolina, to Seattle, Washington. It was a huge change and was what finally made the difference for me to become stronger. I began to eat better and move more. I was inspired by the city we lived in and the Pacific Northwest as a whole. As my body grew stronger, I felt more healthy.

Me in December 2015,
a year and a half after moving to Seattle.

However, I was still missing the emotional health - I felt like I couldn't get through this wall I had built. In 2019 I got help from a therapist and it changed my entire world. In one year I accomplished more than I had in the three previous years. I felt better and began to believe I was enough and could handle what came my way.

Me as I write this, December 2019
It is amazing the difference a decade makes. No one day felt like a big difference. When they all add up everything has changed. I have learned that it is your attitude and your habits that make you who you are. When you tell yourself you can't, you won't. Tell yourself you can. I am learning to have a growth mindset and be open to new opportunities in a way that I could never before imagine.

I drew this illustration in October 2019. It explains the difference a decade makes.
I am amazed by the change in myself. I don't know that I was every unhappy, but I did feel limited in a way I couldn't quite describe. Now I am able to understand how the physical, mental and emotional parts of yourself all link together to make to you feel happy and whole. When one parts break, the others are weakened. It is so important to give yourself abundant self-care.

We are now living in the roaring twenties. I can't wait to see how I will continue to grow in the upcoming year and decade.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2020!

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